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 If possible, use your existing belt.  Measure from the tip of the buckle prong to the hole currently being used. That measurement is the "SIZE"  to order.  We give a center hole at that measurement, and three holes on each side of that spot, giving you seven  holes total.  This method is strongly encouraged to guarantee the right measurement.  
***Sometimes MEN order their pants size plus 2 inches.  This can work if you are sure of that measurement, but not the most reliable.   Example:  If they wear size 38" pants then order a size 40" belt.  Remember, the 40" will be the measurement from the end of the buckle prong to the center hole of the new belt.  See diagram below.
***LADIES: DO NOT USE PANTS SIZE.  Instead use an existing belt or tape measure.  Be sure to measure where you will wear the belt (waist, hips, or anywhere in between).  Measure from the tip end of the buckle prong to the hole you use, and order that number.  That will be your center hole on the new belt with three holes smaller and three holes larger.
***PLEASE DO NOT MEASURE THE LENGTH FROM END TO END OR WITHOUT A BUCKLE.  You will not get the correct size.  Because sizing varies with different methods, it is recommended you don't order the size taken from another belt without measuring first.
How to Size your Belt